AMANDA INGRAM CPTS, PFS, Core Connection Specialist, Reiki Level 2

Amanda is a Reiki Level 2 practitioner and Movement Specialist. She received her accreditation in May of 2019. Amanda’s background includes certifications as a Personal Trainer and a Pre & Post Natal Specialist since 2015. Amanda’s passion for running, fitness and the great outdoors lead her to becoming a running coach since 2011 and she is an accomplished trail runner. Amanda spends as much time as possible on the trails where she can experience and develop her craft of energy work, the power of nature and positive movement firsthand to provide you with the most intuitive treatment possible.

Amanda combines the healing powers of reiki with the elements of nature & movement to provide you a unique individual healing experience. Enjoy a 45min reiki session followed by a customized movement plan that you can implement on your own to extend the benefits of your powerful treatment.