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Angela L. (Transformational Coaching)
05-May-22, 03:09 PM

Georgeane Coleman (Transformational Coaching)
11-May-22, 08:07 AM

Wendy P. (Transformational Coaching)
27-May-22, 010:42 AM

J.B. (Transformational Coaching)
11-June-22, 02:11 PM

28-Sep-13, 09:17 PM

“WOW!!! Back to Balance is exactly what Karen and her team work towards! I have had massages monthly for over 20 years through over 20 different RMT’s. Karen by far has the strength, knowledge and determination I need for general maintenance and sport injury recovery. I’ve been seeing Karen for close to 5 years and she still surprises me with new releases, techniques and recovery exercises. Thank you Karen, you will always be my #1 recommended Massage Therapist!”

Brooke Langman
05-Mar-13, 05:09 PM

“Karen is wonderful! Finally someone with strength to relieve my tightness!! She is professional, friendly, and her fees are reasonable! “

Cristina Angelucci-Spizzirri
24-Jan-13, 07:29 PM 

“I have experienced many different massage therapists (due to an injury from a car accident years ago) and Karen is by far the best one ever! I have never felt more comfortable or had my pain more relieved with anyone else. Her professionalism and friendliness are bonuses – she’s just amazing!”

27-Dec-12, 12:54 PM 

“I have “happy feet” and as a result I am back walking on my lunch hours and taking the stairs and already losing weight. Thank you Karen, I will definitely be in for a tune up on my feet in 2013.”

22-Nov-12, 02:16 PM 

“Surgery or Massage Therapy? That was the question that was posed to me when I first met Karen; I had torn a muscle in my right shoulder in April 2006. Well the choice was clear to me being a part time Professional Tournament Angler here in Ontario, I could not afford the recovery time of surgery. Through Karen’s efforts of deep massage therapy and mandated exercises; together as a team we were successful in accomplishing our goal of being pain free come July for the bass tournament fishing season. Karen set forth a schedule of visits; asking me key dates of my tournaments (for pre & post follow-ups) and a regiment of stretching exercises for a full recovery. For 5 years now; I have not missed a monthly maintenance massage with Karen…..Find time to take care of your body; it’s the only on you get….Believe me!”

Patti Harrison
22-Nov-12, 08:51 AM 

“I cannot say enough good things about Karen.  When I started seeing her I was taking anywhere from 2-6 extra strength Advil a day. I work at a desk on a computer for the most part of my day and when I am not at the computer I am travelling to appointments. This has lead to a lot of stress and tension in my neck, arms and back. I am happy to say that since beginning treatments I am finding myself able to go an entire week or more at times without needing any Advil. I plan on maintaining my treatment indefinitely, thank you so much Karen.”

Mr. C.
15-Sep-12, 01:09 PM 

“Karen has been my massage therapist for the last several years. As I have regular monthly treatment sessions with Karen, I have had plenty of opportunity to evaluate her professional approach to implementing and maintaining a productive treatment regime with me. Karen always places emphasis of identifying the client’s needs and stressing that the treatment program is most effective when applied as a team approach to therapy (therapist and active participation from the client). Karen is knowledgeable, professional and skilled in her applied approach to massage therapy. I have and will continue to recommend Karen to others as a valued professional participant in their treatment programming. Signed, Mr. C. “

Sue Hubbard

20-Aug-12, 07:47 PM 

“Karen is a fantastic massage therapist! I have been going to her on a regular basis to relieve muscle tension and to heal sports related injuries. She always provides a comfortable and tranquil atmosphere for complete relaxation. I recommend her to anyone that says they need a massage. “

Jimmy Furlano
17-Jul-12, 09:54 AM 

“Karen was very professional in her massage session. She did a great job of curing my back pain. Thanks Karen. “