Core Confidence Pelvic Floor Retraining

Core Confidence Pelvic Floor Retraining is a program designed for pre and post-natal mom’s. It is designed to help women embrace the changes in their bodies and learn how to strengthen their pelvic floor properly and safely. Each program is individualized to meet each client’s specific needs and goals.

Many women experience diastasis recti, incontinence issues, low back pain, hip pain, pubic bone pain, pelvic girdle pain and a general overall weakness.

I often hear, “I pee when I cough, sneeze or laugh or I an not workout, jump or run because I will pee my pants”. This is NOT normal- common yes, but NOT normal.

If you are shaking your head yes while reading this, please book a Core Confidence Assessment today- I can help!

Each program will include a 1-hour Assessment and then a 6-week individualized program. Each of the 6 week sessions is roughly 30-45 mins in length. After each session you will receive a written plan including all of your exercises, releases and instructions for success. This plan will be updated after each visit to keep you on track. At the end of your program you will have a completely customized program to reach all of your pelvic floor goals.

Core Confidence Assessment is $100 (including HST)

Each Follow-up Session is between $55-$75 (including HST)