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Ever wonder why yawning is contagious?

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Why Is Yawning Contagious?
Contagious yawning can be annoying, but it might also be a sign of good social skills. It’s a type of emotional contagion, a phenomenon in which we tend to share the feelings of people around us. Scientific American MIND editor Sandra Upson explains in our latest Instant Egghead video



Do you suffer with a shoulder injury/issue?

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For anyone with shoulder issues, take a moment to read this amazing testimonial. Its all about simple changes. Thank you JoAnn for letting me share your story.

“Shoulder update … most of you know that I buggered up my left shoulder in February and it flared up a few weeks back. I was in excruciating pain and was unable to move my left arm. A hospital visit, x-rays and ultrasounds indicated calcification and bursitis in my left shoulder. Treatment option … medication and physio, thankfully no surgery needed.

Then this happens today … Week two at physio for calcification in my left shoulder. Therapist told me at our first meeting that this type of injury will take time to heal (since I aggravated an old injury) and he would do his best to help me regain full range of motion, with no guarantee that it would every be 100%. Today was my 5th session, I am pain free, medication free and have full range of motion!!!! The therapist said “whatever you are doing – keep doing it!” He has NEVER seen anyone recover this quickly. He is simply amazed at the speed of my progress and recovery.

What was I doing … you guessed it – doubling up on my JP baby! I figured bursitis is just another fancy name for inflammation and since JP reduces inflammation it only made sense. Chalk another one up to Juice Plus!!!”

Please contact me today for more details on Juice Plus and how it could help you!