Do you have a benefit package? Why not use it!

Food for thought this morning……How much do you pay per month for your benefit plan? Do you even know? Its rather convenient that it just comes off your pay check, you don’t have to think about it and you have access to a benefit plan. BUT, wait!!!! Do you use your benefits???
67% of the population have benefits, yet only 13% use them!!!!!!

Take this for example: If you pay $75/month for your benefit package, then over the course of the year you will have spent roughly $900!!!!

Why not use the benefits that you are paying so much per year for????
Back to Balance now has DIRECT BILLING available to most insurance companies. Which means that we can submit your receipts and in most cases the company will reimburse Back to Balance directly! No more submitting receipts for you and for most no more paying us yourself! Now that is CONVENIENT!

We are looking forward to seeing all of you soon to take advantage of those expensive benefit plans. Why not take care of yourself?? See you soon!

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